Kuji Guide - Customers Staying Outside Singapore

General Questions

What is Kuji all about?

Kuji (くじ) means lucky draw! If you had walked along the streets of Akihabara in Japan you will notice several anime related shops holding such events. They are mostly anime themed! It is a sure-win event where you just pay the price of one ticket and see what merchandise you won!

What does this website do?

As ToyCoin only operates online in Singapore, we are limited by the fact that we do not have a location to hold such events for our consumers. Hence ToyCoin decided to develop a website solely for this! We hope people from around the world can enjoy this event too!

Do I need an account to place orders?

Please note that it is compulsory to create an account before you can play. Creating an account enables you to create your own unique nickname, which will be used to announce winners under our Winner Updates section. Please note that the nickname created cannot be changed under any circumstances. Creating an account also enables the tickets you purchased to be tagged solely to your account, so that no one else has the access to open the tickets except for you or the system. Please ensure all information provided is accurate. This includes your name, address, and mobile number.

How many tickets can I purchase for a Kuji?

You can only place a maximum of 10 tickets per order. Regardless of how many tickets you purchased, after you check out there will be a time grace of 10 minutes before you can make any purchase again. You can only place another order if you have made payment for the previous order. There is no limit to how many orders you can place.

How is the game being played online?

Playing at our website is very simple.

  1. Create an account. Points and tickets are account bound, only you and the system can have the excess of opening the tickets you purchased.
  2. Select the amount of points you wish to purchase. 1 point = SGD$1.00.
  3. Select the Kuji you wish to play and purchase the tickets. You can browse the selection of Kujis on our home page. Ongoing Kujis are Kujis which tickets can be open instantly after purchasing. Upcoming Kujis are Kujis that you can purchase your tickets in advance even before the event has started. However, you are not able to open your ticket until the start of the event. Please note that the ticket price is not inclusive of shipping fees and Paypal fees.
  4. Open your ticket and see what prize you have won during the event. Tickets can only be opened during the event dates. If the date has passed and you did not open your tickets, the system will auto generate the leftover prizes for you. You can view your tickets and prizes under “My Account.” Please note that the results are completely randomize; everyone has an equal chance of winning the prize they want.
  5. Arrange for a shipment. You can request to arrange shipment for the items you won under “My Account.” See “Shipping Questions” for more details.

Can I get a refund for unused points/tickets I bought?

Please note that we strictly do not refund unused points or Kuji tickets, regardless of ANY reasons provided, due to the nature of the game. We seek your understanding in this matter. Please do not purchase points/tickets if you are not comfortable with this. Please consider carefully before confirming your orders.

Help! My account got hacked!

Your account will be your own responsibility to ensure it is kept safe. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to get your original account back.

Are we eligible to participate in the double chance campaign for Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji?

Unfortunately, the double chance campaign is not eligible for customers residing outside of Singapore.

Payment Questions

Can we preorder Kuji tickets?

Yes! Before the Kuji commerce, we allow advance sales for the tickets. Keep a lookout for the announcement at our Admin Updates span!

Can we still order tickets when the Kuji commerce?

If there are tickets left, yes you can still purchase the tickets using Paypal payment option.

What are the payment methods accepted?

We only accept Paypal for customers staying outside of Singapore. There will also be additional 6% charges for all Paypal Transactions we receive.

Tickets will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes without payment for Paypal option and will be secured immediately upon receiving the payment.

Note: To open a personal PayPal account, head over to https://www.paypal.com. You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. Please note that you do not need a credit card to start a transaction with Paypal. You only need to provide information on the bank account you wish to link up with Paypal. Paypal will then do a small transaction on your account, and you have to provide information on the transaction on Paypal's website to verify the account is yours. Please visit https://www.paypal.com for more information. You are recommended to register your account successfully 2 weeks before the Kuji event commerce to prevent any disappointments.

Shipping Questions

How do we arrange for our items to be shipped?

You may select the “Delivery/Shipping Arrangement” option under “My Account.” Kindly ensure that you have opened all your tickets and there are no more unopened tickets left in your account before arranging a shipment. Click on “International Shipping (Overseas).” Please ensure all information stated are correct before submitting your request.

How long can ToyCoin keep the items their customers?

Please arrange a delivery for your items within 5 working days, or items will be forfeited. This is due to space constrains we have in our warehouse.

What are the shipping methods?

Airmail (International): Applicable for items that are less than 2kg, within 240mm (width) x 340mm (length) x 70mm (height), and a maximum Dimensions L + W + H = 900mm with the greatest side not exceeding 600mm. Tracking number will be charged an additional SGD$2.20. (not inclusive of Paypal charges) We are not responsible for items lost without tracking number. Cheap but unreliable shipping solution.

Seamail (International): Applicable for items that are less than 2kg, within 240mm (width) x 340mm (length) x 70mm (height), and a maximum Dimensions L + W + H = 900mm with the greatest side not exceeding 600mm. No tracking number is provided. We are not responsible for lost items. Very slow, very cheap and unreliable shipping solution.

Speedpost (Economy): Applicable for items that are less than 5kg. Estimated to take more than 20 working days to reach major countries after posting. Tracking number is included in the price given. (not inclusive of Paypal charges) Slow, slightly more expensive but reliable shipping solution.

Speedpost (Standard): Applicable for items that are less than 2kg. Estimated to take 1 - 14 working days to reach major countries after posting. Tracking number is included in the price given (not inclusive of Paypal charges) Fast and reliable, slightly expensive shipping solution.

My box got damaged during shipping, can I get any compensation?

We are sorry that the protective layer of box was damaged but please keep in mind that the box is made to protect the item you purchased. We are unable to provide any compensation as we have ensured the item is packed properly before sending the item out. What happens during shipping is beyond our control. You may wish to ask compensation from the company which delivered the item to you. We will only compensate if the item is broken. Some countries may require that the parcels are to be opened during customs inspections and there is nothing our store can do to prevent that from happening. Please be advised that we cannot provide compensation or exchanges if that happens.

Can you mark my package as “Gift” and/or declare a lower value invoice value?

While we sympathize with our customers who are required to pay customs taxes on shipments, we will not be responsible for any lost shipments that are mark as “Gift” or is declared a lower value on invoices, therefore we are unable to comply.

Why is the support for overseas customers slow?

We apologise for your dissatisfaction towards our services as our priority lies with our local customers. We will try our best to improve our services to your satisfaction.