Ichiban Kuji Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection 100

Official Website: http://www.nanoha.com/archive/


Last Prize Available:


Last prize will be awarded to the person who purchase the last ticket.

Prizes Available in this Kuji:

Prize A: Figure (Height 16 cm)
Prize B: Figure (Height 16 cm)
Prize C: Cushion (Height 45 cm)
Prize D: Towel (Length 75 cm)
Prize E: Glass (Height 10 cm)
Prize F: Rubber Strap (Height 6.5 cm)
Event Date: 24 February 2018 01:00 pm SGT+08:00 End Date: 31 March 2018 11:00 pm SGT+08:00

Points Needed: 15 per ticket.

Sold Out
  • Category Prize A Remaining: 3
  • Category Prize B Remaining: 3
  • Category Prize C Remaining: 1
  • Category Prize D Remaining: 6
  • Category Prize E Remaining: 19
  • Category Prize F Remaining: 32
Sold Out